Corporate Services

Corporate Skin Services

Dr Darryn Rennie of Dalyellup Skin Care Clinic has an interest in skin cancer medicine and offers skin cancer screening to companies. Dermoscopy, which is skin surface microscopy, is used.

He has a Diploma from the Australasian College of Skin Cancer Medicine.

He travels to the workplace, performs a thorough skin examination on four employees per hour, and refers any suspicious lesions to the patient’s GP. A skin surface microscopy photo of any suspected melanoma or skin cancer is given to the employee for the follow-up appointment with their GP.

For a quote please contact the Dalyellup Family Medical Centre on 9795 6422.

Influenza Vaccines

Influenza is an infection that can cause complications and sick leave for employees.  This can be preventable with a vaccine.  A Doctor and Nurse from Dalyellup Family Medical Centre visit workplaces immunising employees who consent to the vaccine.

Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre-employment medical can be completed at the practice.  Secure urine drug and alcohol collections are available on site.