Useful Links

Magnetic machine

Understanding mental health illnesses such as Depression and Anxiety, and their treatment is important in managing these conditions.  We don’t recommend the treatment above which, when used many years ago, provided patients with strong electric shocks. If you would like to see this piece of equipment it is housed within the antique cabinets in the reception area. Nowadays the Beyond Blue website is an excellent resource.

Health insite is a useful gateway with a search engine to access trusted health information.

The Cancer Council Australia website has helpful information on sun protection such as how much sunlight we need for healthy bones, and when we need sun protection.

The Asthma Foundation website is a great resource for those with Asthma.

Understanding diabetes is really beneficial in managing this and preventing complications.

The Shire of Capel’s website has a list of local community groups with contact details such as the Dalyellup Beach Gentle Gym.

This Australian website has excellent information for patients on their risk of skin cancer and what to look for in checking their own skin.

Head to Health is a website assisting patients looking for mental health support.