75 years and older health assessments

Are you 75 years old or older? If so, you might benefit from a new service being offered by Dalyellup Family Medical Centre. We are now offering comprehensive health assessments for patients who are 75 years of age or older. The health assessment consists of a visit to your home by one of our Nurses, Lucy. She will collect relevant information which assist your Doctor with your ongoing management. This will usually take less than an hour. The Nurse will also ask about your lifestyle, nutrition and social supports and provide you with information that may be helpful to support you. A follow up consultation at our Practice with your usual Doctor will then be arranged to complete the health assessment, during this visit an ECG (test to check your heart) may be done. The Doctor will do a physical examination, review all your tablets, and arrange further examination or investigation if required. The health assessment is funded by the Commonwealth Government through Medicare and will be bulk billed to Medicare by our Practice. A health assessment is only available to people 75 years or older who live independently. It is recommended by the Doctors at our practice as it is a valuable opportunity to provide a comprehensive health assessment for you, on a yearly basis.

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