Dalyellup Family Medical Centre strives to give patients with diabetes optimum help with managing their disease.

We encourage patients to come a minimum of every six months to have their blood levels checked and to discuss their management with their GP. We send out reminder letters with the appropriate blood test forms and invite patients to make an appointment to see their GP to discuss the results. A visit to the Practice Nurse to have height, weight, Blood Pressure and feet checked before seeing their Doctor helps with the assessment.

Diabetes is a progressive disease and by careful management patients can prolong the complications of diabetes. Research has shown that the risk of diabetes related complications is greatly reduced when the 3 B’s , Blood glucose levels, Blood fats (lipids), and Blood Pressure are kept as near normal as possible.

Normal blood glucose levels are 4.0-6.0mmol/L fasting.

Normal total lipids is less than 4.0mmol/L

Normal Blood pressure is less than 130/80mmHg.

Nicole Frayne is a Diabetic Educator who is available once a month on a Wednesday morning to see patients with Diabetes to help them understand and manage their disease. She has a pharmacy background and is very knowledgeable. She has practical advice and a lot of experience to share with patients.  Diabetics requiring insulin find this sevice helpful.

If you are a person with Diabetes and would like help and advice in slowing down the progression of your disease, we are here to help you as much as possible.